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It is always beautiful working with families, getting to know them and for a period of time, be a part of this bond. It is a different journey every time as each family has its own glow and connection. Rita’s love for photography stands in these moments where she helps her clients document their lives in a photograph that will last and stand through different times and situations! 

There are different styles that stand out in family photography from classic formal to crazy fun! Rita’s favorite is capturing the moments without worrying so much about having everyone look at the camera! She captures interactions, what’s real, fun and emotional. She captures those in-between moments that not everyone can see!style!

1- Keep your clothing style simple with no words or logos. Traditional children’s clothing always photographs well.
2- White & bright colors always look great in pictures!
3- If multiple children and, or the entire family is going to be photographed, it is better to wear matching clothes or items that complement each other and, or are in the same color scheme