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New born
Mom In Love studio includes a special, hygienic and well-heated space for newborns equipped with all kinds of accessories and props. 
Newborn studio sessions must be planned before the baby is born. The session should take place in 10 to 14 days’ time since the baby is born. 

Rita has extensive training and practice with posing babies. She will never place your baby into an unsafe position. Your images will result in a clean, classic, beautiful and timeless portrait.
Newborn studio sessions last about 3-5 hours as the session has to take place while the baby is in deep sleep, allowing time for nursing, feeding.

Tip: Leave it to the professional! Bringing grandparents, friends, nurses or nannies to a newborn session will only complicate the shoot.
The mom will be asked to feed her baby when needed. She will be sitting along the Dad watching the process while having their fresh drink or coffee.